Kaj Venhuizen


Growing up close to forest and wide spaces, Kaj Venhuizen ( born 1972, Zutphen) has been slowly prepared to have a close relationship with nature. After roaming the globe for a year in his early twenties, his confrontation with different continents and its natural state, made a big impression on him. His desire to learn and see more of life around the planet has increased. The intense draw towards new worlds, has ultimately resulted in his artistic work as it is now.

“I have become so in awe with Nature, that I can only be humble and return to a natural state of being, that seems to be lost in every day life in the Western world”

Many of his projects involve a transcendent way of looking at life, people and the individual. He feels nature often serves as a way to confront ourselves and our state of being.



  • 2021 organizer and participant of group expo “CORE Emergence” in Hotel Arena Amsterdam
  • 2021 group expo “Reading a Landscape” at ZERP gallery in Rotterdam
  • 2021 group expo “K,L&M” at Schiphol Airport Crown Lounge
  • 2020/2021 organizer and participant of group expo “Wendbaarheid” (Agility) at KLM’s crew centre Schiphol Airport
  • 2020 Buy My Darlings –  expo/photo market, NDSM in Amsterdam
  • 2020 Pop Up Expo “At home” in Amsterdam, launch of “Maybe The Moon III”
  • 2019-2020 exhibition at Salon d’Hiver @ZERP galerie Rotterdam
  • 2019 PAN AMSTERDAM 2019 @ZERP galerie, booth 134
  • 2019 (initiator/organizer) group exhibition CORE at Loods 6 in Amsterdam
  • 2019 Represented by ZERP GALERIE in Rotterdam (www.zerp.nl)
  • 2019 solo exhibition “AWAKENING” at WTC in Amsterdam
  • 2019 artist talk about “DANDELIONS” at Podium MH in Museum Hilversum.
  • 2018 launching of book “DANDELIONS” at Loods 6 in Amsterdam
  • 2018 exhibition LUCID, presentation “DANDELIONS”
  • 2018 interview with KIEKIE tabloid, see news section for details
  • 2018 interview with Pf Photomagazine, see news section for details.
  • 2018 one month online editorial for “The Photography Movement” with “DANDELIONS”
  • 2017 upcoming talent at “Fotofestival Naarden” with series “INTERBELLUM”
  • 2016 selected for the 6th Jinan International Photography Biennial
  • 2016 part of  exhibition “Het Oog” exhibition in Amsterdam